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At Falafel House, we are very proud to make and offer the most delicious and most traditional falafel in Athens. We only use high quality products, fresh vegetables, authentic spices, and the most tasteful chickpeas. Everything we offer is prepared from scratch in in our open kitchen, where you can watch your falafel being made. Using mostly Greek products, we support local, small suppliers. All this, because It is vital to us to keep our Falafels’ quality at its highest and its price at its lowest. Being guided by this, we absorbed the costs of the recent VAT increase and our prices stayed the same. What’s next is for you to try it, and be sure that it’s going to become one of your first choices for a quick, healthy, and delicious meal.

What is falafel?

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Falafel has been one of the most popular traditional courses in the Eastern Mediterranean from the ancient years till today. Born in Syria, falafel is a great part of the Egyptian, Lebanese, Palestinian and Jordanian cuisine. Heavenly delicious and nutritious, crispy on the outer and soft on the inside, it is made of chickpeas, that are fried or baked.  Its sauces and vegetables make it extra juicy and the spices give it a divine exotic taste, all wrapped up in Arabic Pita bread.  Traditional falafel has houmous, tahini sauce, spicy paprika, fresh vegetables and the falafel pieces of course.

At Falafel House you can get a taste of new, unique combinations such as the refreshing House Falafel with yogurt sauce, the spicy Mexican with hot salsa and peppers, the American Falafel with coleslaw sauce and the Babaganoug Falafel with grilled eggplant. Today, it is one of the most popular choices for ethnic street food all around the world. It is considered one of the most tasty and healthy meals, that is loved by vegetarians and Arabic cuisine fans.

How healthy is Falafel?

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Falafel, apart from its amazing taste, is known for its high nutritional value. This is because, in a falafel sandwich there are products, such as houmous, tahini and many vegetables that have a number of benefits for our health. Firstly, chickpeas, as most pulses, are known for containing a high number of proteins, fiber and vitamins that boost our health. According to the directives of the United States Department of Health and Human Services (USDHHS), we should consume at least 3 cups of pulses every week, for the prevention of illnesses and the optimization of our health.

Tahini, known as the “Fluid Gold” contains almost 20% proteins of high biological value and it is rich in calcium, ferro, magnesium, and selenium. It is a good source of phytosterols, that have antioxidant and pharmaceutical action and contains more Vitamin E than olive oil!

As far as the vegetables of falafel are concerned, such as tomatoes, cucumber eggplant etc. they have amazing antioxidant benefits. They contain a great quantity of vitamins such as, vitamin C, b-carotene and vitamin E.

All products are produced in our store, always using fresh & high quality ingredients!
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